Doctor G trailer out! Ayushmann Khurrana struggles as the only male gynaecology student

The release of the Doctor G trailer occurred on Tuesday, October 20. 

Gynecology student Ayushmann Khurrana is told to sacrifice his masculinity in order to excel in his specialty

Ayushmann Khurrana is back in a different, unorthodox role

The actor presented the teaser for his new movie Doctor G, in which he plays a reticent student of gynaecology

Ayushmann Khurrana's Dr. Uday Gupta's hilarious struggles are the subject of the medical campus comedy-drama Doctor G. 

Uday is locked in an all-female gynaecology class despite wanting to specialise in orthopaedics. 

Shefali Shah serves as his mentor and counsels him to loose his masculine touch in order to win over his patients' trust.